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Dita Ayu Wulandari

24 Years Old, Indonesian, Young Entrepreneur

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My Bio

Born in Ujung Pandang, 29th March 1999.
Experienced in Business Management, Marketing, and Busines Development. also a founder of Andara 99 and travel business "Royal Dubai Travel"

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Current Life

Dita Ayu Wulandari is Puteri Indonesia Sulawesi Barat 2 2023 and Putri Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia 2022 (Miss Creative Economy of Indonesia 2022), as well as young-entrepreneur, in the Medical and Travel Industry. She is now doing her pre-master program in UIC College BSD. Not only her passion in Business but she is dedicating her life to contribute socially to public by joining community of HIPMI (Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia), KADIN Indonesia (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), FOBI DKI Jakarta (Federasi Olahraga Barongsai Indonesia) and Beauty Pageant.

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Social Activities

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Part of

Where the Passion take place


Andara 99

Company Owned

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Royal Dubai Travel

Company Owned

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HIPMI (Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia)


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Kamar Dagang dan Industri Indonesia

Kadin Indonesia


Putri Pariwisata Indonesia

Putri Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia 2022
Puteri Pariwisata Indonesia Favourite 2022


FOBI (Federasi Olahraga Barongsai Indonesia)

FOBI DKI Jakarta

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Press Realease

Dita Ayu Wulandari, Pengusaha Muda Wakili Sulsel di Ajang Putri Pariwisata 2022, Sabet Tiga Gelar Sekaligus

See more on how Dita Ayu Wulandari, Young Entrepreneur Represents South Sulawesi at the 2022 Women's Tourism Event, Wins Three Titles at Once, this press release shows more on how she could achieve the awards.

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Dita Ayu : Generasi Muda Jangan Takut Mencoba!

Young generation is not supposed to be scared of trying, read more on how she shared about her experience to the local college student in Indonesia.

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MoU HIPMI – Garuda Gairahkan Kolaborasi Pemerintah Swasta

Read more on how MoU HIPMI - Garuda Indonesia on collaborate on increasing the economy activity's especially on tourism with support of Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs, where Dita Ayu become the person in charge in this collaboration.

Read More
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Dita Ayu's Youtube Channel

This will take you to see a lil life of her

A small percentage of her life could be interesting as well as not interesting hehe, but of course we summed it for you to enjoy a lil of her daily life!

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"Being positive is not only change your mood, but it change your life!" - Dita Ayu Wulandari

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